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9th International Poultry Show & Seminar

Biofeed will be exhibiting at the 9th International Poultry Show & Seminar organized by WPSA ...

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AgraMe 2015

Biofeed will be Exhibiting at AgraMe 2015 at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre from the 16 ...

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    Biofeed will be Exhibiting at VIV Asia from March 11th till the 13th  2015. ...

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ZeroTox is the optimal and most comprehensive mixture designed to overcome mycotoxicosis problem in livestock because ZeroTox implies several unique mycotoxin elimination strategies

Strategy (A) Detoxifying & biotransformation
ZEROTOX exhibits an enzymatic detoxification effect when mixed with animal feed.  During this process of biotransformation, the molecular structure of mycotoxin undergoes changing and degradation, leading to loss of its toxicity, with the formation of safe non-toxic metabolites.

Strategy (B) diminishing mycotoxin bioavailability
ZEROTOX possesses a unique selective adsorptive capacity through its specific adapted pore size of adsorbing particles in addition to their highly activated adsorbent surfaces.  This can assure mycotoxin fixation, therefore, prevent toxin absorption from the GIT.

Strategy (C) Microbial antagonism
ZEROTOX contains a distinctive Microbial antagonistic formula that when added to animal feed significantly inhibits both growths of the mycotoxigenic moulds as well as reducing their abilities to produce different types of mycotoxins.
Inhibition of mycotoxin synthesis is due to:
1- Microbial competition
2- Depletion of nutrients
3- Low pH
4- Production of heat-stable low-molecular weight of metabolites which are produced by the members of this Microbial formula.

Strategy (D) Immune augmentation
ZEROTOX is provided by broad range of biological agents that are capable of boosting the immune system counteracting the immunosuppressive effects of mycotoxins (i.e. immuno-compensation), and at the same time, have the power to eliminate the toxic effects related to mycotoxicosis (including hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, neurotoxicity, etc.)

Strategy (E) Regulating Gut metabolism
ZEROTOX comprehensive mixture of components has a well established, evidence based gut environmental beneficial effects that optimizes the metabolic events in the GIT resulting in enhancement of digestion and absorption and subsequently, improves the feed efficiency.

•Because it is the optimal and most comprehensive answer against mycotoxicosis problem.
•Because it possesses a multistratigic approach ensuring complementary and synergistic anti-mycotoxic effects.
•Because it has both direct and indirect beneficial impact on mycotoxin related stress.
•Because it is heat stable (up to 85°C), tolerating the pelletting process.
•Because it is highly safe for all livestock and poultry As it is completely natural.