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9th International Poultry Show & Seminar

Biofeed will be exhibiting at the 9th International Poultry Show & Seminar organized by WPSA ...

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AgraMe 2015

Biofeed will be Exhibiting at AgraMe 2015 at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre from the 16 ...

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    Biofeed will be Exhibiting at VIV Asia from March 11th till the 13th  2015. ...

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PATHONIL is the most innovative  alternative therapy against  outbreaks of  gut pathogens.


Because recent research revealed that:

          To successfully reduce the carriage of gut pathogens, it is likely that a combination of intervention strategies will be required.

          PATHONIL has the Synergistic power of Combination à potent and rapid effect.

1-Feed Fermentation and Acidification.

lactic and acetic acid (fermentation products), and

a decreased pH to approximately 4 may be

contributing factors to the reduction of Salmonella

and Campylobacter in broilers.

2-Application of Probiotics and Competitive Exclusion Bacteria.


Physical obstruction of attachment sites for the pathogen

Competition for essential nutrients limits the ability of the pathogen to grow

Production of volatile fatty acids or bacteriocins, or both, limits the growth of the pathogen

Modulation of the immune system

3- Supplementation with Prebiotics:

Which are non-digestible food ingredients that beneficially affect the host by selectively stimulating the growth or activity of Probiotics microorganisms in the gut, and thus attempt to improve host health and thus compete with the activity of pathogens.

4-Additives to Enhance Immune Response

Reduced incidence of gut pathogens  was due to:

          antibody immune response was significantly improved in chicks administered a selenium-enriched diet .

          enhanced functional efficiency of heterophils in young chickens fed a β-glucan ration and this upregulation of phagocytosis was attributed to a respiratory burst.


PATHONIL results in better animal performance & growth rate

PATHONIL possesses a unique liquid form added to the drinking water to overcome the loss of appetite among birds suffering from GIT infection and to accelerate its therapeutic effects.

PATHONIL has a high safety profile that needs no withdrawal time