Biofeed Technology

Chelated Minerals

Chelated minerals are more bioavailable enabling the highest possible digestive efficiency. Minerals are linked to an amino acid carrier where they are “escorted” across the stomach with great efficiency.

Special features of Biofeed’s Chelated Minerals:

Glycine is the organic chelating agent for the mineral. Glycine is the smallest amino acid with a molecular weight of 75, this ensures fast and complete absorption by the animals.

Biofeed’s Chelated minerals contain a high percentage of simple amino acid complexes and have less insoluble proteins than found in other products. Together with a lower average molecular weight, it features a higher dispersions plus consistent blending and uniformity throughout the feed.

IRON:    immune function, vitamin formation & reproduction.
Copper:   enzyme activation, blood formation, reproduction, gestation & lactation
ZINC:    boosts immune and enzyme function, cell formation & wound repair
MANGANESE:   essential for healthy bone and cartilage formation, growth & fertility