Biofeed Technology

Biofeed's Quality

Biofeed guarantees the highest possible standards of product quality. Products are manufactured according to GMP / HACCP and strict feed safety standards. Biofeed believes in complete transparency throughout its manufacturing procedures from the ingredients used to the processing of those ingredients at Biofeed’s facilities. Product quality is also monitored in cooperation with customers through proactive and interactive systems.

Feed ingredients must be combined in the proportions necessary to provide the animal with the right amount of nutrients at each stage of growth. This requires a deep understanding of raw materials, nutritional requirements and animal digestive physiology.Biofeed has acquired its expertise in the area of animal nutrition through years of research, as well as projects conducted in universities and institutes.

Biofeed goes a step further by also providing (where necessary) customized products adapted to meet local conditions. This includes formulating different compositions to be compatible with local ingredients in order to ensure the optimal balance between nutritional value and cost efficiency.